Friday, 28 December 2007

December 28th

Well it's been 3 months since i last put anything on my blog and it's been a hectic 3 months.
my friend lost his mum on rememberance day in Novemeber so he was very upset about that.
I've been busy working as usual
I've seen my 3 chidren during the last 3 months as well, the last time was last Thrusday for a mael for Christmas in which the children gave me their christmas presents

my Philip gave me a lovely necklace with the letter M on for mum, my daugher Amy gave me a lovely stawbery scented candle and Sam gave me some bath smellies, a jumper and a lovely silk scarf, i've also had some craft stash as well and my mum and stepdad are getting me a lovely slow cooker

i haven't done much today apart from embossing christmas stamps for my cards next year i though i'd better get an early start as this year i forgot to make any

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Lynn said...

Now that is an early start Hazel! Glad to have found your blog and it sounds like you had a good Christmas to!