Monday, 14 July 2008

Monday 14th July

well here are the 3 lo's they are my 40th birthday meal, Kath & Phils wedding and Teresa's 60th birthday meal.

well it's not long before i get my operation it's on the 25th July and my OH will be waiting with me until i'm settled in.

i've made a steak and kidney pie today and i made 6 jam tarts of which at this precise time there is only 3 left :lol:


Hazel said...

Lovely LOs. Mmmmm jam tarts - pity I don't live nearer - there wouldn't be 3 left!

Karen said...

Very pretty LO's Hazel. Looks like you all had a great time. Not one for jam tarts but I would have tucked into the S&K pie...yum!!! Take care X

Angelnorth said...

Lovely happy LOs Hazel, looks like you had fun at each event.