Saturday, 12 July 2008

Saturday 12th July

well i've been to my local crop today and i did 3 layouts of which i'll take the photo's on Monday as it's to dark to take them now. I also done a cricle journal entry.

i got given a sizzix machine plus 6 dies which i've had fun playing with today

i made a nice lemon drizzle cake which went down rather nicely, don't think i'll be making anymore for a while.

Got my date through to have my operation it's in 2wks time so i'll be off work for about 6wks, so i guess lots of reading and crafting will get done

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HMG101190 said...

I seem to be the only person commenting on your blog! But how lucky to have had a die cutting machine given! And Lemon Drizzle fave! Sainsbury's do one, I know firstly I should make my own and secondly shouldn't be eating cake, should be eating carrot sticks!!

Hayley x